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Neck Pouch "LATCHKEY KID."

Neck Pouch "LATCHKEY KID."

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Strap Length

Neck Pouch. Made in Europe with certified corduroy. Perfect fit for a phone, wallet, passport, keys or ciggies.


  • Shell: 100% Certified Corduroy Fabric (280GSM) 
  • Strap: 100% Recycelt Polyester 
  • Color: Black
  • One snap button
  • Woven brand label
  • Size and fit: one size (13cm x 17cm, two different strap length)

Care for me: 

Hand wash only, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not dry clean, Wash in cold water.


We are trying our best to make the brand, the process and its garments as sustainable as possible. Every start is hard tho, but we do our best and go step by step.

For baj. it is crucial to produce in Europe under fair conditions. The first pieces got produced in Portugal, Latvia and Germany.

As well crucial is to find and use sustainable materials like organic or recycled fabrics.

Both, to find a trustworthy manufacturer as well as good fabric was tougher as we ever expected and took way more time. Especially fabric wise, we had to compromise some fabric options under a sustainable point of view to bring the style finally to life. The fabric market is nowadays hard since the raw materials were not available or not deliverable. We tried at least to only use certified fabric if recycelt or organic options were not available. Its a juggle between finding some good options, having a good and long lasting quality for a fair price and still meet the baj. style needs. But I think we made it and found the best we could, even tho it took us much more time.

Textile Certificates: 

We used OEKO-TEX certified fabric. This label certifies that the fabric has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals.


By purchasing this product we donate automatically 5 € from our profit to a Mental Health Initiative. For more infos check the"This is baj." section.

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