Thank you! Why it is crucial to have supporters of your entrepreneurial vision? - baj.

Thank you! Why it is crucial to have supporters of your entrepreneurial vision?


Support, a small word with a big meaning. Building a business by yourself and being a founder with all responsibilities is not always easy as you lack someone going through the business up and downs with you, sharing new developments and fears, making decisions together and having a trustworthy relationship. For me and baj. it’s a back and forth between not having or wanting the support and craving it. I am a person full of self-doubts and I am not really good in asking for help or reaching out to people for support. One of the reasons is that accepting help and support triggers some negative feelings like dependency, a fear of owing someone something I can never give back and it´s giving me anxiety, I can´t do the things in my style and pace. I equated support with the death of free decisions and creativity. Well, these concerns are completely unsubstanciated, stemming from old learned beliefs rather than accurately reflecting the current situation, and parts of me know this all too well. These fears will never lead to anything good as doing everything by yourself makes you often feel stuck, one dimensional, you are losing time and it creates a perfect breeding ground for self-doubt.

The truth is, in business as well as in any other personal relationship, support is crucial to continue and to grow. One of the brands supporters came in while I was prepping the crowdfunding campaign. I think every entrepreneur knows the up and downs of founding and knows about losing their fire for their vision in the process. There is a number of reasons for this like exhaustion, fear, demotivation, stagnation and much more.

When Timm Peters with his company Digital Motion came into my life, I had such a moment. I was exhausted and had doubts about the brand and the campaign. But as soon as you start talking to someone who is all fire about your project and vision, you start believing again. His company not just supported baj. in the crowdfunding, but more important he supported me as a Founder and person with motivational messages, phone support before and while the campaign and future digital support. Against all beliefs, fears and whatnot, support is of utmost importance in every kind of situation and it´s part of building trusting relationships, perseverance and growth.

Thank you Timm, Thank you Digital Motion!
xx baj.
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