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Sustainability, inside and out.

The creation of a Fashion 2.0 

Sustainability today has many faces and ways to implement it into a Fashion World 2.0. For baj. sustainability means to implement positive changes for the people and the planet, to safeguard and protect future generations. Fashion will always be a crucial and influential part of our life. But the unused good influence it can have and the change it can lead to should not be forgotten. In the fashion world 2.0 it is time for a critical change. Fashion brands should finally not only take on ecological, but above all social responsibility. Because fashion can do so much more than just make us appear flawless and "cool". 


Mental Sustainability

Today's society still shuts theirs eyes when it comes to mental health issues. This topic is still widely stigmatized and shameful for many. Sustainability in this context means we must see the individual and their needs in order to heal them and provide future generations with a healthier basis and protection. That means working for the wellbeing of everyone who is struggling mentally. Therefore the key pillar of baj. is about raising awareness, creating a community, offering support and giving something back to the wider community. baj. aims to support mental health initiatives by donating a portion of the sale price of every product (starting with 5€ each piece) to the cause. It's time to open up and eliminate the stigma around mental illnesses that still exist today. 

The following foundation is particulary important for baj.


Ziel der 2008 gegründeten Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe ist es, einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur besseren Versorgung depressiv erkrankter Menschen und zur Reduktion der Zahl der Suizide in Deutschland zu leisten. Neben Forschungsaktivitäten bietet die Stiftung Betroffenen und Angehörigen vielfältige Informations- und Hilfsangebote wie das Diskussionsforum Depression und das deutschlandweite Info-Telefon Depression (0800 33 44 5 33). Unter dem Dach der Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe koordiniert das Deutsche Bündnis gegen Depression zahlreiche lokale Maßnahmen: In über 87 Städten und Kommunen haben sich Bündnisse gebildet, die auf lokaler Ebene Aufklärung über die Erkrankung leisten. Vorstandsvorsitzender ist Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hegerl, der auch die Senckenberg-Professur an der Goethe Universität Frankfurt innehat. Die Schirmherrschaft hat der Entertainer und Schauspieler Harald Schmidt übernommen. Mehr unter


Environmental Sustainability 

Sustainability also means to raise green awareness and change the approach to Fashion. Fast fashion (cheap throwaway fashion) creates an immense amount of textile waste. When items are disposed, the majority heads to our landfills where it releases greenhouse gases and leaches toxins and dyes into the surrounding soil and water. The damage to the environment is unforgivable. On top of that, the usage of cheap, non recyclable materials lead to only short lasting pieces and therefore later to a higher amount of waste. Waste while production and waste after the usage.

baj. approaches the fashion industry from a different angle. From the usage of sustainable materials, offering limited pieces and Pre-Orders for certain special pieces to small production quantities to avoid an overproduction. The pieces will take longer, as the sourcing process might be more complicated and the effort put in is more detail oriented, but the pieces will also last longer as the quality standards are higher. This gives baj. the chance to be more connected to you as a customers and to the environment. And, without inventory piling up in a warehouse and wasteful marketing campaigns to convince you to just buy everything without any need for it, there is a tremendous efficiency. This process has an impact on the environment, but also changes the current perspective on fashion. Slow and with awareness is the only way to a change.

xx baj. 

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