Sometimes the biggest blessing is redirection. - baj.

Sometimes the biggest blessing is redirection.

Things will not always happen the way we want. Sometimes there will be situations, that will cause a lot of pain. But just because something comes with pain doesn’t mean it´s a bad thing. Have you ever wanted something so badly and life played out differently and then, years later you look back and understand the things you have now or the path you are on now is so much better and so much more than the thing you initially wanted to have?

I have been at this point several times (even that sound like an understatement). Most of the things in my life are planned out or at least I have Ideas how they should turn out. One of my trauma responses is control or, let´s say, trying to have control. So, every time something happened differently, I felt highly lost. It felt like I am losing control over everything and have no clue what to do; it felt unfair and sometimes I drowned in self-pity. It took me sometimes years to understand that the thing, the chance, the person I have lost, were actually the best things that could have happened to me. It never appeared to me that every rejection is just a redirection.

At first glance, redirection may seem like a setback or a disappointment – a deviation from the path we had carefully planned out for ourselves. We may feel frustrated, disillusioned, or even defeated as we grapple with the realization that our dreams and aspirations are not unfolding as we had hoped. However, upon closer examination, we may come to realize that redirection is not a roadblock but rather a signpost pointing us toward a new direction, a new opportunity, and a new beginning.

Redirection invites us to release our attachment to specific outcomes and embrace the inherent uncertainty of life (which I am often still awful at). It challenges us to relinquish control and trust in the wisdom of the universe to guide us along our path. In doing so, we open ourselves up to a world of infinite possibilities and unforeseen blessings that we may have never discovered had we remained in our original course.

One of the greatest gifts of redirection is the opportunity for growth and self-discovery. When our plans are derailed, we are forced to confront our fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs head-on. We are pushed out of our comfort zones and into the realm of the unknown. It is in these moments of uncertainty and vulnerability that we uncover hidden strengths, untapped potentials, and dormant passions within ourselves.

Moreover, redirection provides us with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of purpose. It might not give us what we want at that point, but what we actually truly need. It invites us to reassess our priorities, values, and goals in light of our newfound circumstances. We may discover that what we once thought was important no longer holds the same significance, and that our true calling lies in a different direction entirely. With each setback we actually we gain clarity, insight, and wisdom.

So, take the time to appreciate thew new direction that comes from disappointment. Appreciate the clarity that comes from the confusion. Sometimes life forces you to go another way because you would have not taken that path on your own. One thing is sure, life will always put you where you need to be and not always where you thought you want to be. Even if it is right now hard to believe or understand why things happen the way they do, in the long run you will gain clarity. 

And always remember, some blessings hurt, some blessings come from out of nowhere and some blessings will flip your life upside down. But redirection is not a punishment but rather a gift. The blessing is the turn you didn’t want your life to make. The blessing is the No you didn’t want to hear. The blessing is the relationship coming to an end that you thought would last forever. In retrospect, the things that shake you to the core are the greatest gifts and the detours are the paths that lead you to your greatest adventures and deepest realizations.

Embrace the journey, trust in the process (even though it´s hard), and allow yourself to be guided by the universe, destiny or however you will call it. There is nothing you can do about it anyway, so you might as well enjoy it.

xx baj.

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