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Intuition or Fear?

Since years I am peeling off different layers of thought patterns, triggers, emotions and much more like an onion and right now I am struggling with distinguishing between intuition and fear in some areas of my life. On many things in my life I have worked so hard, I already healed many parts and my intuition works perfectly fine in exactly these areas. On topics that are related to my unhealed parts it´s hard to even hear my intuition or I often confuse intuition with fear.

The confusion between intuition and fear arises because both can manifest as gut feelings. However, their origins and impacts are vastly different. Intuition arises from a place of wisdom and inner harmony, while fear stems from anxiety and self-preservation. To live a fulfilling life, it’s essential to learn how to differentiate between the two.

Intuition feels expansive. When we listen to our intuition, we feel a sense of peace, even if the decision it leads us to is challenging. It opens us up to possibilities and aligns with our core values and desires. There’s a quiet confidence that accompanies intuitive decisions, a feeling of being in tune with the universe and ourselves.

Fear, conversely, feels constrictive. It’s a tightening in the chest, a knot in the stomach, a sense of impending doom. Fear-driven decisions are often reactive and come from a place of wanting to avoid pain or discomfort rather than seeking fulfillment. While fear might temporarily protect us from harm, it also keeps us from stepping out of our comfort zones and experiencing growth.

To distinguish between intuition and fear, we need to cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness. Taking the time to sit with our feelings, without immediate reaction, allows us to observe them more clearly. I always hear my gut feeling the loudest when I meditate in the morning or sit calmly in bed doing just nothing besides having my eyes close and see what’s coming up. These are the moments when the things I truly want or the decisions I have to make get very clear. Also journaling can be a powerful tool in this process, as it is helping me articulate my emotions and identify certain patterns over time.

It’s sometimes also helpful to consider the long-term implications of our decisions. Fear tends to focus on immediate avoidance of discomfort, whereas intuition considers our overall well-being and growth. Asking ourselves whether a choice aligns with our long-term goals and values can reveal whether it’s driven by fear or intuition.

So, in short, the question I try to ask myself, especially if I have to make an important decision, is “does my body feel nervous and tense or calm”?

And that said, just because my intuition works in some parts does not mean I have no fear. I do have fear, for example, of the consequences of some decisions I make at work, finically or in my social life, but the difference is, I am not ruled by exactly this fear. I can just sit with it and still follow my gut and that’s a god damn good feeling.

But as mentioned in the beginning, there are areas my intuition - fear system still does an awful job and that’s in interpersonal relationships as they are deeply emotional and trauma related. I often can´t distinguish at all and think it´s because the fear is so loud that my intuition has almost no room. But you know what, it´s kind of guiding me every single time to the parts I still have to heal and thats something beautiful. Letting go of the control, diving into uncertainty and have trust into whatever happens I can handle, is my big goal for this year.

Can you distinguish between intuition and fear? What´s your topic that is still mainly ruled by fear? What are the parts you still have to heal?

xx baj.

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