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Creativity as a big part of healing.

„Everyone has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world”
Paulo Coelho


And in my opinion, you cannot just change the outside world but also your inner world. Many famous artist found their greatest creativity out of pain. Out of heart breaks, out of mental instability or sickness or out of life altering events. Creativity comes from the heart, in good or bad. 

There is a reason why there is art and craft therapy in rehab institutions. Many people I met through therapy and on my way, found a purpose in being creative. And I don’t necessary mean making money out of it. No, it was more about feeling and expressing feels, creating something beautiful with your hands, without the pressure for perfection. It was just about creating, about making your mind stop running in circles and putting all your focus away from your thoughts into this simple yet beautiful thing you were creating.

For me, there were days in therapy I was not taking this too serious, because the task the therapist gave us was too funny, like painting a hate square or a volcano where we throw all our “bad” emotions in and burn them. Maybe we made fun of it, because we were not ready to face the emotions that came with it, but thats not the point. This kind of therapy was good to learn how to deal with imperfections, to learn to let go and to see what emotions come up. That´s great and it helps, but thats just a small part of the creativity I am talking about. I am talking about the creativity that comes straight from the heart, the magic that happens mostly alone and takes all your focus and passion and bundles it in one task. The creativity that haunts you at night and in moment of silence and doing nothing. The creativity that is born out of severe desperation and pain. 

I felt the calling to be creative again in form of sewing in my most vulnerable and hopeless moments in rehab. There was this little spark, this inner urge to create again. This was a spark of hope and light in a very dark place. It was a purpose I so desperately needed that was not infiltrated with pressure or a timeline. No one was going to judge me, as I just did it for me. It was the first thing in a long time I just did for me, without having to achieve anything. And oh my gosh, it gave me such a free feeling, it made me get out of bed, it eased some of my pain and made me do something I forgot I loved so much. It made me, I guess the first time since I was a kid, be in the moment and nowhere else, not the past and not the future. This was and for sure still is a huge part of my healing journey.

In times of struggle and adversity, we often turn to various methods of healing to mend our wounds and find solace for our souls. While traditional forms of therapy and medication can play a crucial role in the healing process, creativity as avenue for emotional and spiritual restoration is, in my opinion, crucial too. 

For me, the key to a holistic healing, and its not the first time talking about this, is a combination of the "traditional" therapy, body or movement Therapy, a spiritual practice and art and creativity in whatever form. 

In times of struggle and adversity, creativity offers a beacon of hope and healing. Through artistic expression, we can unlock the depths of our emotions, cultivate self-discovery, foster mindfulness and presence, and promote healing and resilience. We can feel again and we can just be, regardless what we create in the end. It´s about the process and not the outcome. Whether we're painting, writing, dancing, or making music, the act of creation has the power to mend our souls and ignite the spark of transformation within us. So let´s find our innate creativity again and allow it to accompany us on the path to healing and wholeness. 

What creative creation is it that light the spark in your heart? 

xx baj. 

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